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I'm Sarah Seember Huisken! I'm a digital and storyboard artist based in snowy Minnesota. The bulk of my inspiration comes from cartoons, Heavy Metal Magazine, and sloppy, trashy horror movies. 

When I'm not drawing, you'll find me at the Trylon Cinema, catching a flick, or stuffed into my cramped kitchen cooking and fermenting. 

Did I mention that I worked on a (culinary) mushroom farm?

In 2016, I worked on the Amazon kids show Danger & Eggs as a storyboard artist and director.

In 2018, I won a Daytime Emmy with the Danger & Eggs directing team for Outstanding Direction of an Animated Program. 

I currently storyboard for Dreameast Studios on the third season of Valt: The Wonder Deer.

I'm also working on a personal project called Cornfed Cannibal, a zine about food, booze and horror movies.

I graduated in 2014 from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a degree in Illustration.